Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28 Review

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28
Between the security locking mechanism, gaskets for keeping out unwanted moisture and dirt, and molded exterior on the outside, you really couldn’t ask for anything more with this type of luggage.
Extremely durable exterior
Gasket system keeps out moisture and dirt
Locking mechanism provides for superb security
Samsonite’s S’Cure is a BIG suitcase
Locking system can be confusing at first

When traveling, one of the most important factors for most people is ensuring that their belongings are secure and safe in whatever piece of luggage or suitcase that they are using. This comes with good reason, as we tend to place a lot of value on our clothes, gadgets, and any other items that we tend to bring with us when we travel. This high value that we place on our own belongings comes with good reason, but unfortunately, not every suitcase out there does the best job at ensuring that these items receive the quality protection that we believe they deserve.

You see, a lot of company’s claim that their suitcases are extremely durable and well-built, but after a bit of use in the real world, these claims come crumbling down instantly. Making wild and wonderful claims is one thing, but actually following through with them is something else entirely. And, unfortunately for consumers, these misleading claims tend to happen far more often than they should. Companies should stand behind features they say that their products are capable of, and while this may sound like common sense, it happens not nearly as often as it should. The next suitcase we’re going to be reviewing is made by Samsonite, and it’s called the S’Cure.

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28 front

 It’s a 28-inch spinner type of suitcase, and its main focus is on providing an incredibly secure and durable construction to offer all of your items and belongings maximum protection. These are claims that we’ve seen time and time again, but from a company like Samsonite, you’d expect for these claims to hold true during real-world use. So, do they? Let’s find out.

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28 lock

Brand Overview

We’ve already talked about numerous Samsonite suitcases so far, so we’ll keep this Brand Overview relatively short and sweet. As a quick refresher, Samsonite is one of the oldest and most recognizable names in the world of travel-related products. These are some of the top dogs when it comes to make luggage, suitcase, and bags, and the company’s expertise truly does shine through with most of their products. One of the company’s main goals is to create products that inject a sense of confidence in their customers. Samsonite wants consumers to be able to rely on their products as some of the most durable on the market, so in the case of the S’Cure, does that vision shine through the way that Samsonite hopes it does?

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28 lock2


  • All along the exterior of the S’Cure, Samsonite has included textured molds that provide for maximum protection from the outside world. These molds are made up of some of the most durable materials we’ve ever seen in a piece of luggage like this, and all of these molds also come equipped with fully integrated components.
  • Along with keeping everything as durable as humanly possible, Samsonite has also placed a great deal of thought in the area of making the S’Cure lightweight at the same time. This is very clearly seen with the S’Cure’s multi-stage pulling handle and tubes that encase said handle. These are made out of aluminum, and this allows them to be some of the lightest on the market. But, despite being light, the aluminum construction also means that they should be incredibly durable as well.
  • Security is something that is a very natural fit when talking about durability, and this is something else that Samsonite was very aware of when they made the S’Cure. The suitcase features a three-point locking system on its side, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that even your most prized possessions are safe and snug inside the S’Cure. And, as an added bonus, the lock is approved by the TSA when traveling through airlines, adding a nice touch of convenience to your much wanted and needed security.
  • When looking at the frame of this particular piece of luggage, we can see that Samsonite has implemented rubber gasket seals. These seals allow the S’Cure to repel any moisture and dirt that tries to make its way into your suitcase, meaning that all of your clothes and other items will stay clean and dry even through some of the harshest conditions imaginable. This is a great feature to have if you’re traveling abroad to areas that are known to have both incredibly moist and dry climates.

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28 back


  • One of the most unique aspects of the S’Cure is its lack of any zippers. The majority of suitcases that you find will uses zippers to enclose their various compartments and storage areas, but the S’Cure omits the use of zippers in favor of its unique locking system and rubber gasket seals. The end result makes some something that’s not only incredibly unique, but a design that we wish Samsonite would implement on more of their products. This feature doesn’t come cheap, but it proves to excel at keeping your clothes in pristine condition.
  • Something worth mentioning is the fact that this a very big suitcase. There’s no denying that at all, but it comes with good reason. If you’re someone who frequently does a lot of traveling where you’re out and about for more than a week at one time, this will be a perfect fit for you. Owners of the Samsonite S’Cure have said that they’re able to fit 2 total weeks’ worth of belongings and clothes into the S’Cure, and that’s a huge plus to anyone that does a lot of intensive traveling.
  • Along with the excellent locking mechanism and gaskets, the exterior of the Samsonite S’Cure holds up just as well as you’d probably expect from a piece of high-end luggage. Even after traveling through numerous countries and airlines, the S’Cure is able to hold up just fine, and continues to look as good as the first day of buying it.
  • Since this is a large bag, Samsonite made the smart move of including properly-sized wheels to go along with its larger nature. As a result, the S’Cure is incredibly easy to pull around with you, and is probably even more effortless than you would initially expect from a suitcase of this size.


  • We mentioned it before, but we need to mention it again here. Samsonite’s S’Cure is an extremely large piece of luggage. It’s quite massive, and after filling it to the brim with everything that you need, there’s a very good chance that it could exceed the weight limit when traveling by plane. The suitcase isn’t design to be small and compact, but the large nature could still prove to be a real issue for a lot of people.
  • As great and secure as the locking system is, a number of owners have reported that it can be rather difficult to initially get set up. This can be avoided by reading through the included manuals and checking out tutorial videos online, but it’s still an area that’s caused for a bit of headache for previous owners.

Samsonite S’Cure Spinner 28 open

Final Verdict

If durability and security are two of your top priorities when it comes to your suitcases, Samsonite’s S’Cure is one of the best options that we’ve ever seen. The company has always been known for creating products that are incredibly durable and well-built, but the company really knocked it out of the park this time around.

Between the security locking mechanism, gaskets for keeping out unwanted moisture and dirt, and molded exterior on the outside, you really couldn’t ask for anything more with this type of luggage.

The one thing you need to keep in mind as a possible downside is the overall dimensions of the S’Cure. It’s an incredibly large suitcase, and although Samsonite is aware of this and tried to make it as portable as possible, it could still prove to be an unwieldly best for a lot of people out there. When you thing of a price of this bag, you’ve got to keep in mind all of the extra features that are packed in for security and durability fanatics. If those are two issues that you place on the top of your priority list, you’ll know it’s worth paying extra cash for these related features – especially when they’re as well-implemented as they are in the Samsonite S’Cure.

In case you feel that this product doesn’t meet your expectations, please take a look at other options in our full suitcases guide.